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Here is your chance to have a look at some of the many questions our surgeons have been asked recently. Although this does not replace a consultation with your own surgeon, it may help to answer a few of your concerns.

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Does an FRCS(Plas) Surgeon have specialist training to perform a breast enlargement over an Oncoplastic Surgeon?

Venkat Ramakrishnan answers: There are two aspects to cosmetic surgery, which will also include an element of breast reconstructive surgery. Although breast reconstruction is quite different to breast augmentation cosmetic surgery, the patient is choosing this type of procedure, which is different to surgery for cancer cure.

In plastic surgical training, both these elements, i.e. the surgical skills and the skills to understand and manage patient's expectations are taught from day one of the training. Even a simple removal of a rodent ulcer from the face, which maybe the first plastic surgical operation a trainee may perform, has cosmetic connotations to it and that is the reason the patient is referred to the Plastic Surgeon.

The emphasis is different in training of an Oncoplastic surgeon. The emphasis is on the all important aspect of cancer cure, and they spend a year training in reconstructive techniques. A plastic surgeon who specialises in Breast reconstruction has a wider training in all types of reconstruction including Microsurgical techniques, than the Oncoplastic breast surgeon. Similarly, the Oncoplastic surgeon has better knowledge of cancer treatment, as he or she spends a lot more time in training in this area. It would be unfair to either specialists, to assume a year of training in the other's specialty, will make them equally qualified to deal with all areas of the other specialty.

I already have 800cc implants which has given me a C cup and I would like to get larger implants. Can you please advise what the largest implants available are and also if "stacking" of implants is a possibility to create a larger bust?

The largest size silicone implants commercially available are in the region of 800-810cc. The most popular brands such as Mentor, Allergan, Nagor and Euro-surgical all have this size as their largest cohesive gel implant. It is possible to get a custom made implant larger than the standard sizes, but the implant is proportionately more expensive in the region of £1 per cc in size. Therefore a 1000cc implant may cost as much as £1000. I have used these on a few occasions, but always after the breasts have been ‘pre-conditioned’ by previous large implants.

Stacking was a popular means of enlarging breasts in the 1970-80’s, but since more modern implants have been developed this is now very rarely done. Certainly having two implants invites twice the risk of a single implant, twice the cost, plus the presence of dead space (unused space between the implants) risking infection and mobility between the implants must make this a very insecure method of enlargement. I personally have never used it and have never seen it being done, and logically would dissuade any patient from having this carried out.

Does it matter which breast implants I have?

Depending on what your breasts look like before surgery, different breast implant shapes, types and position relative to the chest muscles will affect the final result. It is important to discuss the options with your surgeon. Your procedure should be tailor made for you as an individual. If you don't have confidence in your surgeon, you should consider a consultation with a Liberate cosmetic surgeon.

What does ‘Bottoming out’ mean?

Bottoming out means that the main part of the breast volume sits too low on the breast and chest. There are many different possible causes and bottoming out can happen with breast augmentation (enlargement) surgery and also mastopexy (uplift) or breast reduction surgery.

It’s been a week since I’ve had a breast augmentation and one looks completely different to the other! I’m really worried, is this normal?

Breast asymmetry is normal before and therefore after any breast procedure. It is also common that one side takes longer to heal than the other and this doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is going wrong. As long as you are feeling well otherwise, you should try and be patient. It is worth booking a post-operative appointment where your surgeon would be more then happy to help.

What is the recovery time for breast surgery and how long would it be, before I can go back to the gym?

You should try and refrain from doing any vigorous exercise for at least 6 weeks to ensure that you are fully recovered.

Can I have an uplift with implants?

Absolutely. Often patients want to have a breast augmentation to refill the breast envelope, which has sagged. Uplift surgery at the same time or as a staged procedure allows for an improvement in breast size and appearance without the larger breast appearing saggy. Please discuss this with your surgeon at the consultation for your suitability.

Will breast surgery affect breast feeding in the future?

Generally, having breast implants or a breast enlargement does not affect your ability to breastfeed as the implants are inserted underneath the breast tissue. If you are having a breast uplift or a reduction, this may be an issue as this procedure is slightly more complex, however we would recommend you discuss this with your surgeon during the consultation.

I’ve heard that I should wait to have breast surgery until I have had children, is this true?

Not at all, this is very possible however we would advise on a consultation with a surgeon first to determine the correct breast procedure, technique and type of implants that would be used. They can give the desired look for years without any problems, however if you do have children your body may change which is completely natural and different for everyone.

I’ve heard that that I can be discharged on the same day after a breast augmentation, is this possible?

Yes, there is a possibility however this will depend on your consultation with the surgeon who will determine your suitability on a number of medical factors. Please discuss your options further with your surgeon at the time of the consultation.

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