Nose reshaping / Rhinoplasty

A nose job or more formally, rhinoplasty surgery, is an operation to reshape the nose. It may involve either an increase or decrease in nose size. A nose which complements your face and looks well with your eyes is the objective of cosmetic nose reshaping surgery.


Of all cosmetic surgery procedures the most commonly requested is nose reshaping. Having a large or bent nose may be of little consequence to those around you, but as your nose is central to your face and identity it may affect your self-consciousness and self-confidence. The angle between the nose and upper lip can be modified as well as the tip, nostrils and the bridge. For people experiencing difficulties breathing through the nose, this may also be corrected at the same time. Augmentation rhinoplasty increases the projection of the bridge and nose tip and may be necessary for people who have been injured or undergone other procedures. 


As part of your deliberations it is useful to understand the sorts of procedures and effects that are available. Taking advice from a trained and accredited professional is also necessary. Liberate surgeons are experienced members of BAAPS and/or BAPRAS so you can look forward to achieving significant results based on your face shape and the revised shape of your nose. As part of your consultation your nose reshaping surgeon will explain the procedures and risks associated with rhinoplasty and enable you to make a decision and give your consent. 


After choosing which of our reputable Liberate cosmetic surgeons you’d like to carry out your procedure, the process begins with meeting the surgeon who will remain with you throughout your time with us. You may wish to bring a photograph of your ideal nose shape to this preliminary meeting.

It is likely that your procedure will be performed under general anaesthetic which means you will need to stay in hospital overnight. This is reflected in the nose reshaping costs which include the anaesthetist’s, surgeon’s and hospital costs.


The duration of surgery depends on what is being done, but two hours is average.

In closed rhinoplasty incisions are made inside the nostrils, so the scars will not be visible unless the nostril size is also being reduced, in which case the furrow between lip and nostrils may be affected. Considerable reshaping of the nose tip may require an incision under the midline of the nose.

Open rhinoplasty treatments require an incision in the bridge of skin between the nostrils: used when making nostrils smaller.

In nose reduction, bone and cartilage will be removed or rearranged. If the reduction is significant the whole of the nose is affected and skin may take time to settle and re-drape. If your nose is being increased the bone and cartilage will be reshaped using either grafts from your body or artificial implants. Cuts are closed with dissolvable stitches which will take around a week to disappear. 


We are dedicated to patient care and will make you feel comfortable and supported throughout. Our aftercare policy is second to none.

Resting until the effects of the anaesthetic have passed is necessary. There will be dressings in each nostril for a day or two which stop you from breathing through your nose. You may need a splint to support your new nose for about a week. If your nasal bones have been re-set, you will have black eyes after surgery and your face may be swollen, which should settle within two weeks. Bruising and swelling around the eyes are common, disappearing after about three weeks. Time off work is not required medically, but may be helpful.

In only a few weeks, your face could be transformed and your self-confidence restored.   


The Liberate Process
Book your consultation

Once you have chosen your surgeon, there are a number of ways to make contact and arrange your initial consultation.

You can send your questions via the contact us page or email us directly here and a member of the Liberate team will contact you to answer any questions you may have and book your appointment.

Meet your surgeon

The next step is to meet the surgeon of your choice. It is likely he/ she consults at two or three different hospitals; we can help you determine which location would be most convenient for you.

During an initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss with you your concerns and examine you to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery.

He/ She will comprehensively explain what is involved in your procedure and discuss any possible risks associated with the procedure. This will be your first chance to ask all those questions!

Be sure to ask to see the surgeon’s before and after photographs. He/ She will be able to show you photographs of patients in a similar situation to yourself. This can be very useful for you to view the surgeon’s previous results to get an idea of what can be achieved.

Second consultation

Following your initial consultation, your surgeon will ask you to take time to think over all the information you have been given and talk it over with your friends and family. It is best practice for the surgeon to invite you back for a second consultation before you go ahead with any surgery.

This is a good opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen since your first appointment. The surgeon will go through the procedure in more detail and ensure you have realistic expectations of the results possible.


When all your questions and concerns have been answered, the surgeon’s secretary will arrange a convenient date for your surgery. Try to avoid any important dates and events which may clash with your recovery period.

Each patient is different and it is difficult to predict how long your recovery will take. If you have young children make sure you have appropriate child care in place in order for you to recuperate and relax at home without having to look after the children.

After care

With Liberate surgeons, you can rest assured that you will be looked after: before, during, following your surgery and beyond.

All Liberate surgeons make it a priority to see you following your surgery and are available for follow-up appointments.

You’ll be seen by the surgeon who operated on you – not a nurse or a different surgeon. It’s important to us that you see the surgeon you know already.

At Liberate, aftercare is for life.

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